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Devine Décor came about back in the summer of 2008, between two sisters. I always admired and been jealous of my sister's incredible eye and talent for decorating, wondering how did she get that gene and I didn't. Mom still hasn't answered that question.

I thought, "How can I take her talent and apply to something that would be unique? Basically use her, and why not? That's what sisters do right?"

During a weekend visit with her and my brother-in-law, as we were sitting in their kitchen with our glass of wine (okay, maybe a bottle), we tried to figure out what we can do together. It hit us, "This wine glass needs something that would make it uniquely special; no, not a wine charm and no paint. It needed a WOW factor, an embellishment, some bling that would make it special and stand out." Our minds were spinning fast. Boy, that bottle of wine we had that day had to be the best ever! It truly inspired us to take the leap of faith and venture into the unknown.


Over the last four years we came across many obstacles, first understanding how to even start a business, where to start to design the perfect wine glass, understand the various processes. But we were determined to push through these obstacles and the ones that followed, with a little kicking and screaming of course. We researched, asked a lot of questions, a lot of trial and error, scratched and pounded our heads many times, and even thought about giving up on a few occasions. However, through our faith and the support of our husbands, family, and friends, we stayed focused and determined. We refused to fail; we held each other up and did not let others take away our strength. We stayed true to our passion. And still today, we continue to learn and grow in so many ways. That's the best part of this, the constant learning, the meeting of wonderful new people, and the pleasure of seeing our customers enjoying our product.



So, as you sip away we want you to say “uhm excuse me, but this is my Couture Glass” and feel the inspiration that your passions can lead you anywhere with hard work, faith, and determination.


Lydia Manila

or call (510) 861-1853





This article was posted in May 2012 so some information may be outdated after some time. thanks Lydia Manila for this wonderful article! For questions or more information, you can contact her at 510-861-1853.



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