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Gold Refinery - Carolyn Thurston



- have you ever been to one? If not, you may be missing out on some extra cash, and a lot of fun! It's a great way to turn your unwanted gold into cash for yourself or for fundraising purposes.


Carolyn Thurston, Brentwood resident and a National Director from The Gold Refinery has been an Independent Gold Representative since 2010. She started her gold party business after she was laid off from her job as a Sales Director in the telecommunications industry. As her success story goes, Carolyn wasn't looking to be a gold representative. She just went to check out a sales event at the Hampton Inn in Brentwood in October 2009 after seeing it advertised on TV. She had a couple of broken chains, a class ring, and a couple of earrings missing its pair that she wanted to sell.


To her surprise, Carolyn was offered $600 for her items! Seeing how fun and easy the process was, she agreed to host a party three weeks later. It was successful. It paid her $600 for that day and led to a second party a week later where she made $1,300. Seeing how easy and fun holding gold parties was, she signed up to become an independent representative in January 2010 after a 2-week training.


Carolyn's husband Dre Thurston, a former police officer, joined Carolyn as a full time gold representative in mid-2010. He and Carolyn now run a national team with members all over California and other states. Dre really enjoys doing parties, and fondly tells everyone, "Now I give out cash instead of tickets and I make more friends this way!"


It's a lucrative business for them, but most importantly, they love the feeling of seeing clients surprised and delighted with how much they can actually make just from their unwanted gold. Carolyn says that most people think that their "few loose, old, broken pieces" of jewelry won't amount to much and are often surprised to find out otherwise. One of her more poignant stories is that of a party attendee who came to her with a few pieces of broken gold jewelry. "This nice lady came up to me and said, I don't have much, just a few broken pieces. When I told her that it's worth $650, she was shocked and started crying. I found out later that she needed $600 that same day to pay her rent or she was going to be evicted. That story stays with me even to this day. You just never know who you can meet and help sometimes. That nice lady is now also a gold representative!"


Anyone can host a gold party, and parties can be in any size. Carolyn and Dre have hosted parties with fewer than five guests all the way to fundraisers with over 50 guests. It's a great fundraiser for schools, churches, sports groups, hospitals, and non-profits. The gold owner gets money for his unwanted gold and the organization gets a percentage of the total sales. It's a win-win-win for everyone.


Contact Carolyn Thurston if you are interested in hosting a gold party or if you want to hear more about the business opportunity. She's a Brentwood resident, so she's just in the area! You can also visit her website to find out more.



This article was posted in March 2012 so some information may be outdated after some time. This article is an informational and promotional piece, and thanks Carolyn Thurston for the information presented in this article. For questions or more information, you can email her at



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Gold Refinery - Carolyn Thurston