2012 Real Estate Outlook: From a Local Contra Costa Agent

By Shannon Coe, Realtor, WR Properties


I had an investor client meet with me last weekend from the Silicon Valley area. Silicon Valley is only about an hour to an hour and a half from Brentwood California but our Real Estate Markets are worlds apart. At our first appointment, all the client could tell me was: Zillow said this about Brentwood, I googled that about Brentwood, this expert said this about the Real Estate market, this website said that... well what I know about the Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch Real Estate Market, I see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, and witness with my buyers and sellers.

It reminds me of the time when we first got our navigator. We were traveling down to Southern California and wanted to find a grocery store. My husband put it in the navigator and watched that thing like it was the Expert.

It said turn right in 1.3 miles, I said, "Hey, I see a store right there!"

It said turn left in 2.8 miles, I said, "Oh, let's go right there - I see a shopping center."

This continued for about 20 minutes of me seeing what we wanted with my own eyes and my husband just following the machine.

This is what I feel people do now - they listen to people who are not even a witness to what they are talking about. Here is what I know about our local Real Estate market and what I predict for 2012:

We are building new homes, we have in our Brentwood and Oakley markets at least 10 new builder communities building and pulling permits.

I know that BJ's restaurant just chose Brentwood from many other surrounding areas to build its restaurant.

I confirm with my buyers that our inventory is at all time low and we will have to compete with other offers and the homes are going over list price.

I sit down with my sellers to review offers after one week on the market.

I see our foreclosure rate going down and the actual bank owned inventory getting lower each month.

I see big cash investors buying homes on the court house steps and flipping them for a profit.

I see small investors buying homes for rental investments.

I see folks sell their homes and buy in one of the 5 Brentwood Retirement communities.

I help people who were hit in the beginning repair their credit and now they are back in the market able to
buy again.

I know the MEDIA says one thing about our Real Estate Market, but I am here touching, feeling, seeing, hearing, and working the Local market everyday, and I know what is really happening.


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This article is written by Shannon Coe and first published on December 2011 so some information may be outdated after some time. It is posted as an informational and promotional piece by Shannon Coe and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publishers EverythingBrentwood.com.



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