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Why We Live in Brentwood

Let me start with a few good reasons...

  1. As of last count, Brentwood has 57 parks. That's more than one new park to explore every single week of the year!

  2. We have an active Parks and Recreation group, always thinking of ways to promote fun and play. Brentwood is a Playful City!

  3. We have fresh fruits and vegetables. Cherries, peaches, berries, corn, nectarines. Our Saturday farmers' market offers some of the freshest produce. Click here for the full article

Moving to Brentwood:

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Almost every single month, we get emails or Facebook posts from people who are moving to or have recently moved to the area.


We welcome you all to our community! We hope you find Brentwood and East Contra Costa a wonderful and suitable place for you and your family. Click here for the full article