Jodi Marfia

“No two snow flakes are the same”. Similarly, believe it or not, no two mortgage loan offers are the same. What makes me stand out from the crowd is my attitude and compassion toward my clients. With 28 years of mortgage lending experience in both retail and wholesale channels, I developed a unique insight and approach in helping clients find the right loan product that meets their needs and saves them money. I am always on top of my game for my clients and I communicate directly, never “beating around the bush”. The service that I offer is genuine because I truly care for my clients. As I often say, “Reputation is only good as long as your customers love you”. If you are in the East County looking for a dream home and in need of an honest analysis about your qualification for a home loan, please contact me. I would gladly assist and guide you to the right loan product that will meet your needs and save you money.