Sports are a major part of our thriving family-oriented community. Whether it’s for fun or competition – soccer, swimming, golf, baseball, basketball, or any other sport - Brentwood and East Contra Costa have a lot to offer in terms of parks and play facilities, leagues, teams, and services.


This is our page for Everything Sports in Brentwood and East Contra Costa. It's a growing page and we add or edit information as we find them, so please let us know if you have more information to share!





We are working on creating a resource page for other sports like basketball, softball, tennis, and football. If you are a league or team organizer, send us your information to be on our page.


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This page was posted in 2013 and updated in March 2017 so it may be outdated after some time. Send us a message here if you want to use some of our content for your own site.