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April VanBuskirk-Rader

California Licensed Massage Therapist
"Quality Massage in the Comfort of Your Home"



About April VanBuskirk-Rader


As a licensed massage therapist with over 6,000 hours of experience, I have had an opportunity to help my clients with everything from a sore back to recovery from major surgery. I have developed systems to recover from joint replacements, spinal and plastic surgery, and other various procedures. I'm often told by clients they are in need of pain relief, but don't want to "hurt" during their massage. No worries. You shouldn't have to suffer through a massage to get real results.


Modality Specialties Are As Follows:

  • Personalized treatment plans for Pre-Surgery, Post-Surgery muscular pain relief

  • Migraine and Chronic Pain relief

  • Raindrop Therapy

  • Excellent general massage

  • Chair Massage for business or home

  • FDA aprroved Young Living Essential Oil Therapies and Sales

Not only do I have skills in deep tissue and trigger point techniques, I also have been trained in Raindrop therapy utilizing essential oils for detoxification and inflammation release. This amazing technique is very gentle yet gives results that last for days or weeks.


Raindrop Therapy (Source:  Lorinda Walker Emerson, NJ)


The Raindrop Technique, developed by D. Gary Young, N.D. and a Lakota medicine man almost two decades ago, uses a sequence of nine highly immune enhancing essential oils. They are dropped like rain from a height of about 6 inches onto the spine and then lightly massaged in using various hand to body techniques. This stimulates energy impulses and disperses the oils along the nervous system throughout the entire body. We all carry immune system depleting viruses and bacteria. Essential oils applied to the spinal column are absorbed through the nerves that feed the entire body. Wonderfully soothing, nurturing and relaxing, the Raindrop Technique can work its benefits in the body for days, weeks or months.


Oils Used In Raindrop Technique:

Valor - A special blend from YLEO that works on electrical and energy alignment of the body.

Thyme - One of the most antiseptic essential oils. It contains thymol, which has been studied for its effect on gingivitis and plaque causing organisms in the mouth. It may be beneficial in helping to overcome fatigue and exhaustion. Supplies energy during times of stress and physical weakness.

Oregano - Works similarly to thyme but is more aggressive and may help stimulate the immune system, balance metabolism and strengthen the vital centers of the body.

Wintergreen - Contains the same active ingredient (methyl salicylate) as birch and is beneficial for massage associated with bone, muscle, and joint discomfort. Elevates and increases awareness on sensory system.

Cypress - One of the oils most used to support the circulatory system.

Peppermint - One of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs for soothing digestion. Peppermint has been found to improve mental accuracy, and sooth the respiratory system.

Basil - Can be relaxing to muscles, including smooth muscles (those not subject to our voluntary control, such as the heart and digestive system).

Marjoram - Used for calming the respiratory system and assists in relieving spasms and relaxing the muscles. It also assists in calming the nerves and is an antiseptic.

Aroma Siez - This special YLEO blend of essential oils may help relax, calm and relieve tight, sore, tired, and aching muscles resulting from sports injuries, fatigue and stress.


Customer Testimonials:


"Several years ago I developed severe pain along both arms and my wrists. The tingling, numbness, and sharps jolts of pain were sometimes so severe that I couldn't write legibly or hold a coffee cup. April began weekly massage sessions on my neck, back, shoulders, and arms to try to relieve my discomfort. Her extensive knowledge of massage techniques helped me to avoid surgery and the rehabilitation I would have needed. It took several months, but the results were amazing. My arms and hands are back to normal, and I have not had a recurrence of any pain in six years."


~ Bev Quesada


“My friend had purchased an hour massage from April for another friend of ours for her 50th birthday gift. She did nothing but rave about April! We happened to run into April at the Brentwood Farmer's Market so I called April for chair massages at my workplace. We were thrilled with the fact that she came to us! She is one of the best therapists we have ever had work on us. She is very professional, considerate and her technique is awesome! Most of us work at a desk all day, every day and hold stress in the back and neck. After our session with April, our muscles were totally relaxed and we were completely renewed in mind and spirit. We would highly recommend April for any of her services. Once you try her, you'll never go back to your old massage person! Thanks so much April!!”


~The Education Center Staff, Oakley Union Elementary School District

"I have been getting massages my whole life for my scoliosis, spine, stress, etc. I have been seeing April for over year. She is awesome and very intuitive. She seems to know exactly where and what to massage. She recently suggested that I try the Raindrop Therapy. During the massage, she was able to relax my back enough to get into places that she had never been able to, even after a 90 minute deep tissue massage. I can't tell you how amazing I felt immediately after. My back has never felt better, I feel so much more relaxed. My swelling seems to be down and I have a lot more movement. I would highly recommend the Therapy and April to anyone!"


~ Peggy Minichiello

"I was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy complicated with Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease 10 years ago. Due to this disease, I have difficulty walking and balancing and my leg muscles have deteriorated. I now limp. The limp has caused severe lower back pain. I have been a client of April VanBuskirk for over 8 years. She has an uncanny ability to determine exactly where the problem area is and then get the inflammation to subside. This allows me to stay active longer without pain. I would recommend April to anyone with muscular problems, or just sore muscles. I pray she never retires."


~ Gary W.


April VanBuskirk-Rader

California Licensed Massage Therapist
Mobile Massage Therapy
Phone: 925-628-5766


California State Certification #21952
AMTA Proffesional Member #1258521

Young Living Referral #1338753




This article was posted in July 2012 so some information may be outdated after some time. This article is an informational and promotional piece, and thanks April VanBuskirk-Rader for the information presented in this article. For questions or more information, you can email her at



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