"Go Green!" What Does It Mean?


We've either seen it on TV or heard it on the radio - the phrase "Go Green" is gaining a lot of exposure. It certainly has gotten our attention that we decided to write about it to provide helpful information to our readers and to the community as a whole.


One might think, what does "Going Green" really mean? There are many definitions, some of which can be found online. Shaw Malcolm of the wordpress.com states that "At its most basic level, to 'go green' means to make choices that reduce, minimize, or even attempt to reverse the negative impact of your actions on the earth and its resources." Sounds simple and basic, right? However, with emerging technologies, busy schedules, and the pressures of keeping up with the daily demands of living, how does one begin to partake in contributing to the preservation of Mother Nature?


How do we educate our children in helping us take care of the planet and its resources? How do we motivate ourselves to reduce waste? It starts with "US" and collectively, our community.


Using Water Efficiently

The City of Brentwood Web site offers valuable information on how to use water resource efficiently and effectively by understanding how to read your water meter. As reported in the city's publication called "The Brentwood Connection" residents can call the Public Works at (925)516-6000 for information regarding "cost saving tips on irrigation and additional water conservation measures and programs." In addition, homeowners can find more water saving opportunities in each area of their home, garden, and landscaping by checking out the "Smart From the Start" program available at www.h2ouse.org.


Energy Saving Tips

Have you checked the energy saving tips provided by PG&E lately? Understand where your energy is going by conducting an energy audit using PG&E's SmartEnergy Analyzer.






This article was updated in July 2012 so some information may be outdated after some time. Send us a message here if you want to use some of our content for your own site.