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By Jodi Marfia, Associate Broker, Sharp Realty

May 16, 2011


I'm not going to bore you with the statistics about the market, prices dropping, unemployment rising. You've heard it all before - you know as well as anyone how it is out there. What I am going to talk about is Brentwood - the schools in particular. You wouldn't be here at if you weren't interested in Brentwood.


I get calls every year starting around now from folks from out of the area who are looking to move to Brentwood. "We'd like to start looking to buy a house so that we can have our kids here when school starts in September!" That's a huge problem if you're moving to Brentwood. Schools in Brentwood are on what's called a "Modified Year Round" schedule. School starts early - August 1 this year, but in the past, it's been as early as the last week in July. Kids get a two week vacation in October, which is wonderful! Weather is still warm, flights are cheap, and everyone else is in school, so it's quiet at all the tourist attractions. I always joke that you'll see more people you know in Disneyland in October than you will around town! This year the kids also get the entire week of Thanksgiving, thanks to the budget cuts, then two more weeks over the Christmas/New Year timeframe, and two more weeks in March, with school ending in the early part of June. The summers are short, but the nice breaks throughout the year are wonderful!


Schools are great in Brentwood - see the chart below for the 2010 API scores for each Brentwood school - just remember that if you're timing your move to coincide with the commencement of the school year, you've got to plan for a lot earlier than a September start date.

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Jodi Marfia

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