Sitting on the Fence?

By Jamie Connors, Realtor, Dudum Real Estate Group


Have you been "sitting on the fence" trying to decide whether or not now is the right time to buy or sell a home? If so, you should find comfort in knowing you're not alone. With the changes in the economy, as well as the Real Estate market, it's no wonder so many people aren't hopping off just yet.


Whether you're comfortable on the fence, or contemplating taking the leap, below are some helpful tips that might make you want to hop off and go for it!


For the BUYERS out there, now is a great time to purchase a home. Interest rates are still low with some great programs available, inventory is high and home prices are affordable. Here are a couple of things you should consider when getting ready to purchase a home: First and most importantly you need to speak with a mortgage professional (aka a Lender). This step is very important as it will guide you towards the type of home you should be looking for and what your purchasing power is. The last thing you want to do is fall in love with a home only to find out you don't qualify to purchase it. Once pre-approved you are ready to begin the search. You will want to meet with your Realtor, if you haven't already, to go over your likes and dislikes, the type of home you are looking for (turn-key, fixer upper, new construction, etc.) as well as the best method of communication for you (whether it be email, phone, mailings) so she/he can be sure you are receiving notifications of the listings that meet your criteria as soon as they come on the market. Once you find some properties that are of interest you can set up an appointment with your Realtor to preview the homes and take it from there (4 to 6 properties is a good number to preview at a time. Anything more can become overwhelming).


Once you find "the home" discuss with your agent the comparable sales, the neighborhood, the reason the seller's are wanting to sell the property and any other questions you might want answered before submitting an offer. These answers can also assist in writing a strong offer.


For the SELLERS in today's economy one of the most important elements is to price your property competitively but smart. Your Realtor will provide you with a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) which will provide comparable sales of similar homes in your neighborhood. These properties would have either sold, are pending or are currently active on the market. Once you, along with the guidance of your Realtor, determine a price, you are on your way. Now keep in mind, short sales and foreclosures in your neighborhood will likely have an impact on your home's fair market value. This is something you can talk to your Realtor about.


Prior to your Realtor listing your home on the MLS you will want to prepare it for showings. You should de-clutter, organize and give it a "little face lift". This does not mean go out and spend a fortune. To de-clutter and organize you can go to your local grocery store or department store and ask for used boxes to box items up that would be considered clutter items (such as photos, knick knacks, kids toys, etc.) The goal is to have potential buyers walk into your home and be able to picture their lives inside. To give your home a "little face lift" you can buy fresh flowers or air fresheners. Perhaps place some mulch outside to freshen up the flower beds (in-expensive yet effective). Of course you need to live in the home during this time so it will need to remain functional. Some advice, walk through the front door and ask yourself if you would want to purchase the home? When you drive up, what is the curb appeal like? Is your home shouting "welcome"? Is it in the condition that you would want to see the next home you are considering purchasing in? If you answered "yes" then job well done and hopefully it won't be long until you receive an offer on your home.


Whether you are a Buyer or Seller, the best advice one can give you is to find an experienced, dedicated Real Estate professional who can hold your hand while you are jumping off the fence as well as every step of the way thereafter.


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