Stinky, Dirty, Ugly Home... or maybe another option!

By Shannon Coe, Realtor, WR Properties


If you're looking to buy a home in the Brentwood area, you have many options!

There are the REO Listings: REO is Real Estate Owned, another word for Foreclosure. These listings can vary greatly from home to home. Sometimes you need to get a prequalification for each bank that is listed. Sometimes these homes are in really bad shape, sometimes they are surprisingly nice. For a list of foreclosed homes, please call me.

One of my specialties is the Short Sale: Strange name because a short sale escrow will be a little or a lot longer than other escrows. These sellers are in distress and cannot or will not make the payments so you need a good realtor to negotiate with the bank to accept an offer for less than owed on the home. These are good homes for your typical FHA buyer. They usually are in pretty good shape because the seller does want to sell. They are usually not out bid by cash buyers and the banks will sometimes offer a closing cost credit. For more information on short sales, please contact our team.

There are your Traditional Sales. These are great, back to the old days, seller who is motivated, will do the section one clearance, easy to work with, pride of ownership... close in 30 days, possible lease to own option! I love traditional sellers and we have many popping up in our Brentwood market! If you are thinking of "upgrading" and want to sell your home, please call for a free market analysis - you may be a Traditional Seller.

A great non ugly option is the Flipped Home: These homes are bought by investors and usually are in great shape. An investor will but the auctioned home on the court house steps for cash, come in and make it pretty (the pretty varies with the investor) and put it back on the market. Call me for some coming soon "Flipped Homes".

The New Homes sales in Brentwood are really a great choice! The builders are ready to build again and bringing value to the table. With the right Realtor working for you we can negotiate a great deal. I have helped buyers get closing costs paid, new back yards put in, blinds, appliances... I even had a builder change the floor plan slightly to accommodate the buyers dream. If you are thinking about buying a new home, have a realtor go with you the first time to get the best deal!


Brentwood has great homes for sale and have options from the "good investment" to the dream home!


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This article is written by Shannon Coe and first published on July 1, 2011 so some information may be outdated after some time. It is posted as an informational and promotional piece by Shannon Coe and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the publishers



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