Brentwood Public Schools

The Brentwood Union School District currently serves over 9,000 K-12 students in 11 schools - eight K-5 elementary, and three 6-8 middle schools.


The Brentwood Union School District runs on a modified traditional school calendar. The school year is usually from late-July to early-June, and includes a 10-day break in October, a 2-week winter break, and another 10-day break in March.

A great resource for residents and families planning to move to the area is this Brentwood school district's website. It has a useful "attendance boundary/find my school" feature that lets you type in your street address and tells you what school your child is likely to go to. Of course, the answers are never guaranteed. In an active and steadily growing community like Brentwood, school boundaries change and each school likewise has a limit on the number of enrollments. Your best bet is to contact and stay connected with the district office and the individual school to request more information and to make sure you know all the requirements and deadlines way in advance.


The links below will take you directly to each of the 11 schools served by the Brentwood Union School District.

Brentwood Elementary School
Garin Elementary School
Paul Krey Elementary School
Loma Vista Elementary School
Marsh Creek Elementary School

Mary Casey Black Elementary School
Pioneer Elementary School
Ron Nunn Elementary School

Adams Middle School
Bristow Middle School
Edna Hill Middle School

The Liberty Union High School District comprises three comprehensive high schools and serves Brentwood, Oakley, and other neighboring communities. The district currently has over 8,000 students for the 2018-2019 schoolyear.


The three comprehensive high schools in Brentwood area are Heritage High School, Liberty High School and Freedom High School.


Heritage High School is the newest in the district, having just opened in the 2005-2006 school year. The school has incorporated the Small Learning Communities (SLC) model and offers four academies (Engineering Technologies, Environmental Sciences, Health and Recreation, and, Law, Government and Public Service) that allow students to "major" in a particular area of interest. Parents, community members and businesses support the educational and extra-curricular opportunities at Heritage High School. Learn more about Heritage High School here.


Liberty High School also offers a similar approach, wherein students are placed in Grade Level Learning Communities (GLLCs). The students have the opportunity to select one of the following career academies beginning 10th grade: Business and Technology, Health Careers, Teaching and Learning Careers, and Arts and Humanities. Learn more about Liberty High School here.


Freedom High School is located in Oakley and serves the residential communities of Brentwood, Oakley, and Bethel Island. In the 2008-2009 schoolyear, three academies are in place, each with a particular focus and career path. The three academies are Arts and Media, Professional Human Development, and Business, Engineering, Technology & Academics. For more information on Freedom High School, click here.


For more detailed information on the Liberty Union School District, Heritage High School, Liberty High School, Freedom High School, La Paloma and Independence High School (alternative schools), and Liberty Adult education, you can also check out the district website.

Other Resources on Schools in the Area:

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