Mama's on a Budget

East Contra Costa County

Mama's on a Budget is a Facebook page for moms to share how they stay on budget. We share money saving tips, coupons, recipes, events, and places where we come across some great deals. I have always lived on a budget and had to be very mindful of my spending. Using coupons, buying things on clearance, and finding the best prices possible before making a purchase is what we are all about.

After becoming a mother, I found that I had to learn to stretch my budget even further and I was always looking for the best place and prices to buy child essentials. I created this page so that I could share some of the tips I came across and so other mothers could share theirs too.

Our Facebook page started in March 2013 and has grown significantly since.  With its current 630 members, we support each other in sharing ways on how to be mindful and savvy with money.  Join our growing community by “liking” our Facebook page! thanks Jennifer Bigler, founder of Mama's on a Budget for this wonderful article. Please check out Mama's on a Budget and contact them if you want more information about joining the group.

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