The Mothers of Brentwood (MOB) offers support to mothers throughout Brentwood. Whether you're a stay-at-home, part-time working, full-time working, trying to conceive or expecting, we offer fun events for just the moms as well as the entire family. Events like our Mothers Day Luncheon, Spring Fling, Halloween Party, End of Summer Party and a Holiday Party just to name a few.


Playgroups are an integral part of our club and have been the foundation for many life long friendships, both for kids and parents! Based on your child's birthday we offer playgroups that meet weekly at a designated time and place.


Subclubs are smaller groups within the MOB that share a similar interest, for example, scrapbooking, book club and cooking club. Led by our Subgroup Coordinators this is a great way to get some 'me' time and meet some wonderful ladies with similar interests.


The MOB also has ongoing events that support various charitable organizations in our community, such as the Backpack Drive, Thanksgiving Dinner Drive, and a Toy Drive at Christmas.


For more information on the MOB and to join today, please visit

This article was posted in September 2012 so some information may be outdated after some time.This article is an informational and promotional piece, and thanks Mothers of Brentwood for the information presented in this article. For questions or more information, you can visit their website at

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