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Special Haven is a non-profit organization which provides a dedicated multi-sensory room that aids in the removal of stresses of the outside world. The room is an artificially created space that brings together multi-sensory equipment in one place to stimulate or calm the senses.

What is your mission/vision?


Special Haven is providing a multi-sensory environment for the benefit and development of children and adults with Special Needs in the local community of Antioch and the surrounding towns.


Please give us some information on the organization’s major projects:


We are currently building out our multi-sensory room which will be completed in late November. All the equipment has been ordered and will be professionally installed. We will also get training on the new equipment and provide the training to people in the community as well.


How can the community best help your cause, and how can they contact you?


Once the room is complete we want people in the community to know that we have this room available for families with children and adults with Special Needs. We also do a golf tournament and a beer festival to raise money so we can offer the room for free or very minimal cost to people who want to use it.


To get more information about Special Haven, contact them by:


Phone - 925-222-5322
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Website -
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