Brentwood Farms and Fruits

Brentwood is the bay area's destination for cherry-picking and other fruit-picking. Kids and adults alike flock to the area for a pick at Brentwood's summer bounty. The cherry-picking season is typically from May to June. Aside from cherries, you can also find strawberries, peaches, pears, plums, boysenberries, nectarines, and other fruits, nuts, and also some vegetables and herbs during these months and beyond.

Two weeks ago on an early Wednesday morning, we decided to stop by a strawberry u-pick farm for some early morning "stop and smell the flowers" moments.  If you ever need one of those at this time of the year (May-June), stop by for a few minutes of fruit-picking in one of the u-pick farms.

When the cherry picking season is over, we look forward to picking other fruits like apricots! These beautiful orange colored fruits are packed with beta-carotene and fiber, whose sweetness just makes you appreciate summer outdoors. It’s even more special when you pick them right from the trees!

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