Living a Healthy & Active Lifestyle

Having a healthy and active lifestyle in Brentwood is easy. No matter where you are or what you do, there are always opportunities to be physically active. We are fortunate to be surrounded with miles and miles of jogging paths, 190 developed acres of parkland, and a slew of golf courses, sports courts, and gym facilities. We just have to take advantage!

How about a round at a Brentwood golf course? 
There are three picturesque Brentwood golf courses in the area, and a few more in the neighboring cities. Check out the Brentwood Golf Courses here.


Hiking in Brentwood?
Round Valley Regional Preserve on Marsh Creek Road in Brentwood is a 1,911-acre preserve that is open for hiking, horseback-riding and bicycling (some restrictions). Check it out the East Bay Regional Park District website at


Martial arts and self defense schools.

Check it out here.


Brentwood is a bicycle-friendly city.
Do you know that Brentwood has been awarded a bronzed medal for being a bike-friendly community?  Check this out.


Where are the tennis courts?
If you're a tennis enthusiast, check out the following parks that have a tennis court.


Creekside Park at 1010 Claremont Drive

Balfour Guthrie Park at 1701 Balfour Road


In addition, Freedom High School has a tennis court that you can use during the weekends. You can also check out membership programs at the Diamond Hills Sports Club and Spa in Oakley.


More to come!
There's so much more we need to cover! 


Do you have any tips or information on living a healthy and active lifestyle in Brentwood? 


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