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Brentwood is a family-oriented and child-friendly city.  Parks abound and they are mostly new, clean and kid-friendly.


There are also a growing number of classes and afterschool activities for kids, from Legos, to self-defense and sports, to gymnastics, music, and dance. And there are several options for birthday parties!


Check out the various resources we have in the area...


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So many parks, so little time. In an area blessed with warm sunshine and over 50 clean, and mostly newer public parks, it's a waste not to take advantage. That’s why we have a whole section entirely about Brentwood parks!  Check out our Brentwood Parks page.

Brentwood public and private schools. Many families move to the area because of the generally well-rated Brentwood school district. There are numerous options for both public and private education.

Here is a section on resources for Brentwood schools – both public and private.

Brentwood also has excellent options for childcare and/or preschool. Here are some of them. Call them and inquire about the services they offer. Take a tour talk to other parents, and do your research to make sure it's the best option for your kids.


The Brentwood Area Libraries and the bookstores provide an invaluable source of educational events and opportunities for our children. There are several in our area - check this page for some information.


Another great resource for kids aged 5 and under is the Delta First 5 Center, located in Downtown Brentwood. Check out a feature we wrote in 2010 about the Delta First 5 Center.

MOMS! You have your own page!  Check out our Brentwood Moms Section for information about Moms Clubs and more!

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