Brentwood and East Contra Costa Preschools and Childcare

Looking for preschools or child care services for your little ones? Check out some of the preschool and childcare options that we found in Brentwood and nearby areas. And let us know if there are others not in the list!

As moms who have kids who have gone through preschool (some to more than one preschool), we recommend to go check at least a few of them before you decide. Check out their websites, call them up and arrange a tour.


If you can, have your kid sit in for a couple hours and get a glimpse of the fit. It's great to ask for referrals, as well, though take into consideration that what may work for your friend's kid may not be the best place for yours.


Some preschools are strict and some are more welcoming and are better able to adjust to the kids' individual needs and talents. Some emphasize academics more than others, some are more play-based, and some have a more well-rounded curriculum. There are even some that can give your kid an exposure to a second language. There are also a few precious ones that take the extra mile in making life easier (and guilt-free) for working parents by providing extra care to your kids before and after the regular school hours.

One service available in some preschools and daycare centers in Brentwood and neighboring cities is the Tumble Time Bus and Kids Time Xpress. For a small fee, this wonderful company does weekly or monthly classes at the bus or train, right at the preschool or daycare’s location.

My Spanish Paradise Preschool/Daycare

145 Monet Drive, Oakley, 925-325-5733


My Spanish Paradise II Preschool/Daycare

542 Mailcoat Ave, Oakley, 925-293-6550


Little Genius Montessori

2032 Hillcrest Ave, Antioch, 925-754-6771


Little Sprouts Family Daycare


It’s convenient for the preschool or daycare center and fun for the kids! Check with your preschool provider if this is something that they have, or might consider having. You can also check out Kids Time Xpress for more information about the services they provide.

Do you have more information about Brentwood preschools you'd like to share? Please let us know.

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