Favorite Brentwood Parks

Saturday mornings are park days for us. In an area blessed with warm sunshine and over 50 clean, and mostly newer public parks, it's a waste not to take advantage.


We have not been to all the Brentwood parks, but to date, some of our favorite parks are the City Park, Oak Meadow Park, Lake Park, and Veterans Park.






















We like the City Park because of the variety in the play structure that are suitable for kids 3 years and younger. It has the toddler swing, the small horse ride, a sandbox, and the usual slides and monkey bars. The ground area where the slides sit is made of rubber. Now I don't really know (and I hope I never will know) if this will cushion the ground enough, but at the very least, it is great in making parents feel a bit more comfortable letting their kids go from slide to slide.


The City Park is also in the same area as the Brentwood library, so we can spend some time in both places without having to move the car. This is a real sanity-saver especially for moms with more than one kid!


The Oak Meadow Park is a great park especially for kids over 3 years old. It's a neighborhood park and the play area is not too big, so it feels more comfortable and safe. They have a kids swing but none of them have a harness thats suitable for toddlers. The rock climbing hill is also a favorite among kids and is small enough for parents to not worry too much. It also has park benches that are great for snacking.


The park also has a baseball field and is a venue for kids baseball games year-round.



Lake Park, situated near the entrance of the Shadow Lakes community, is a small neighborhood park that is suitable for young kids. It only has one play structure so it usually just have a few kids sharing it. The structure is also relatively low and the ground area where it sits feels soft and safe.


It's great for young kids (and new parents!) who are just starting to get comfortable with slides.


It also has a few benches and a huge open area where kids can run around and play ball - with adult supervision, of course!










Veterans Park is located adjacent to the Brentwood Family Aquatics Complexand features 4 shaded group picnic areas that can be reserved through the City of Brentwood. 

Picnic Areas A, B, and C are spacious, holds a BBQ pit, and is walking distance to a children's play area with unique play equipment. Picnic Area D is my favorite of all the picnic areas primarily because it is situated at the center of a large lawn with no neighboring picnic tables. It has 3 large picnic tables, a BBQ pit, and plenty of space for guests to enjoy. Its gazebo style roof gives this picnic area plenty of character and privacy. 

The open lawn area surrounding this park provides plenty of space for children to run around in and the sand volleyball court is a sure workout pleaser for adults. The park also features 4 bocce courts with oyster shell surfacing and a horseshoe court, a clean restroom, a nice children's play area, and a 10-foot wide walking path around the perimeter of the park. 

Kids can enjoy the skate park nearby for added fun... but remember to bring your helmets and knee pads for safety!


For Brentwood park reservations, you can contact:


City of Brentwood Parks & Recreation

35 Oak St. Brentwood, CA 94513

(925) 516-5444


Here is a list of Brentwood Parks, including maps and addresses


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