Simple Party Ideas to Entertain Your Child on their Birthday

Simple Pleasures

We all want the best for our kids and to let them know how special they are on their birthday. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean spending money on a lavish theme or excessive amounts of fancy food. Children are just excited to spend time with their friends and be the centre of attention on their birthday. As well as an afternoon enjoying one of the many specialized activities on offer in Brentwood, kids love the simple pleasures of taking a picnic to the park or making crafts in the backyard.


A Picnic in the Park

For a summer birthday party, why not make the most of the 50 parks in and around Brentwood and pack a picnic for a day out with your child and a few close friends.  Many of the parks have picnic spots that can be reserved so you can be sure of a table for your party. Choose one with a water park, play area or just a field where, if you pack a bat and ball, the kids can have an improvised game of baseball. Keep the food simple and instead of a huge birthday cake, take a selection of cupcakes from one of East Bay’s favorite bakeries.


Organized Activities

For other more organized activities, you’re spoilt for choice in Brentwood with facilities for trampolining, bowling and gym parties. Let your child choose their favorite activity and bring along a few friends to share the experience. All are great for active kids and will keep them busy and tire them out without you having to worry about entertaining them.


An Afternoon of Crafts

The mild weather means it’s reasonable to throw a party for your kids in the backyard pretty much all year round. Outside is a great place to throw a crafting party to avoid too much mess in your kitchen and living room. Kids love simple activities such as chalk drawing on your outdoor paving, and at the end of the party, it can all be easily washed away. For younger kids, choose a single crafting activity such as painting a paper plate or making a model from clay.  Filling a table with a selection of art materials such as colored paper, glue and glitter will entertain older, more patient older kids and allows them to choose for themselves what to create. You could even let them make and decorate shaped cookies for you to add to a simple buffet of finger food and birthday cake. They can enjoy eating while they wait for glue to set and paintings to dry, then, at the end of the party, kids can take home their creations as a souvenir of the day.


Throwing a children’s party has become big business, sometimes creating pressure for parents to hold ever more elaborately themed celebrations. This can be stressful for parents and often for the children too who just want to spend quality time playing with their closest friends. With so many parks, playgrounds and recreational activities on offer in Brentwood, it’s not difficult to find something to suit your child and make their birthday special.

Celebrities’ lavish themed children’s parties are often making the headlines and, although they can be inspiring, they can also add to the pressure that some parents feel to throw a extravagant party for their own children. However, choosing to have a more modest celebration can be just as much fun for your kids.  By keeping the day simple, you’ll be more relaxed, have more time to enjoy the day with your child and still make happy memories. There are plenty of resources in Brentwood for kids’ parties that can help take the pressure off organizing a party and ensure the celebrations go smoothly.

Article written by Jacqueline Wills

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