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We are a non-profit, local organization with a focus on hunger relief. We harvest excess fruits and vegetables from backyards and farms for donation to the needy. The service is free to all donors.

What is your mission/vision?


This fun, family-oriented work is at the intersection of social and environmental justice. We improve community resilience by helping:

  1. fruit tree owners put their excess fruit to good use

  2. reduce waste and associated backyard mess

  3. provide environmentally sound food that is grown with little, if any, energy input

  4. help the wildlife and rodents keep their population in check by removing excess food from the environment

Please give us some information on the organization’s major projects:


We are developing a modern model of “social production” where we connect the free and available resources of the community to solve the persistent problem of hunger. You can read more about the framework of The Urban Farmers project here.


In the past five years we have won Diablo Magazine’s Eco Awards, City of Lafayette Green Awards, Sustainable Contra Costa Annual Non-Profit Award and Saint Mary’s College Community Partner Award. For more details about our local effort please read:


Contra Costa Times - The Urban Farmers bring fruit harvests to East Contra Costa - The Urban Farmers pick fruit for county’s needy


To learn more please visit us at
or call us at (925) 297- 5525.


How can the community best help your cause, and how can they contact you?


We are a community-based organization and welcome your participation. Depending on your interest and desire you can participate in a number of ways. The best place to start is:


Fruit Tree Owners - If you own fruit tree(s) that produce more fruit than you can use, please register your tree(s) using this link or by calling (925) 297- 5525


Volunteers - Want to have fun picking fruit? Please use this link to register to volunteer


then use this link to find a scheduled harvest near you.


For more help visit

or call (925) 297- 5525

This page was posted in April 2015 so some information may be outdated after some time. thanks The Urban Farmers for the information on this page. If you have any questions, you may contact them at 925-297-5525.

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