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Village Community Resource Center (VCRC) is a neighborhood based nonprofit organization which offers a variety of supportive services and activities for children, youth, and families in a safe and nurturing environment. We provide access to resources and services aimed at improving neighborhood conditions for families in Brentwood and the surrounding communities. We accomplish this through education, social services, and health programs.

What is your mission/vision?


The vision of VCRC is to work with children and their families to take on challenges that teach our community to be responsible for our choices, to live with integrity and honesty, to become self-sufficient and educated proactive citizens with the hope of nurturing future community leaders.


Our mission is to provide information, support, and coordination of resources to empower and improve the quality of life of disadvantaged children in a culturally sensitive environment.


Please give us some information on the organization’s major projects:


Our After School Academy serves Kindergarten – 8th grade students, providing children with the personal attention and support they need to enhance self-esteem, improve academic skills, and recognize their potential as future community leaders. The program is divided into four sections designed to address specific academic needs at various developmental stages:


  • Read to Succeed - K-3rd Grade

    • Intensive literacy support through phonics, sound blending, and reading comprehension (uses the Reading Revolution Curriculum)


  • Homework Club - 4th & 5th Grades

    • Homework support with emphasis placed on problem-solving techniques, literacy and writing strategies, research assistance and math skills


  • Study Session - Middle School

    • Tutoring, study, research, and writing assistance on a drop-in basis​​​

  • Other Programs:

    • John Muir Mobile Health Clinic - free medical services are offered on Saturdays to the uninsured or those unable to pay for care 

    • Translation and advocacy services

    • Referrals to other local services and agencies


How can the community best help your cause, and how can they contact you?


In order to maintain high quality programs with measurable results, we rely heavily on the tremendous support of a dedicated group of volunteers.  Current volunteer placements include:  Early Childhood Education Classes, Read to Succeed-Literacy, Homework Club, and Study Session.


We are open Monday - Thursday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. Please feel free to stop in and visit our center!


Phone:  925-626-7892
Address:  633 Village Drive, Brentwood, CA 94513

This page was posted in August 2014 so some information may be outdated after some time. thanks Kirsten Rigsby for the information on this page. If you have any questions, you may contact Kirsten at 925-626-7892.

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